Conative: Musical Experiments

Some musical experiments. One is a remix of an Eliot Lipp remix of a L’Altra song, the others are originals.

Tools used for these songs included:

3D Prints Designed With Coordinal

Coordinal makes it simple to create surfaces to combine in OpenSCAD. These are some sample prints I created using these tools. The prints were generated on a Makerbot Replicator 2.

3d, art

Design for Cocktails in Seattle

I created this to commemorate a trip to Seattle last year to try several cocktail spots.

Glassware Studies

Occasionally I’ll use our collection of bottles and glassware for quick sketches. Here’s a couple.

Interval Timer in Javascript

This simple interval timer is written in Javascript. I built it to accompany my interval timer iOS app. It uses requestAnimationFrame instead of setTimeout to minimize timer lag.

Link: SimpleIntervals

Purple Pie

Purple Pie is a very simple pie chart plugin for jQuery. The usage needs a bit of work, but it’s easy. Specify slice values in a data-slices parameter for the container element, invoke the plugin, and you’ve got some pie charts.

Definition of slices:

<div class="pie-pan" data-slices="[25,10,30]"></div>

And invocation with some options:

$('#container .pie-pan').purplePie({ 'background-color': '#f6f6f6',
                                     'size': '40px',
                                     'colors': ['#810f7c', '#8856a7', '#8c96c6', '#b3cde3', '#edf8fb']

Coordinal for Your Cross-Section Needs

Coordinal is a simple tool to create coordinates for cross sections for manipulation in OpenSCAD. It’s my first experiment with Paper.js. The paperscript is compiled from CoffeeScript.

Take the output coordinate list and use it with rotate_extrude and the like.

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