An iOS interval timer app with adjustable intervals, website, web timer, and adwords campaign


  • Objective-C
  • Illustrator, Photoshop
  • Javascript, HTML, CSS
  • jQuery
  • Google Adwords & Analytics »

Privacy Browser Plugin

A Chrome browser extension that provides info on web trackers. I conceived, designed, and implemented the project.


  • Javascript, HTML, CSS
  • D3 (Data-Driven Documents)
  • Photoshop


Musical experiments -- a remix of an Eliot Lipp remix of a L’Altra song along with some originals


Conative on SoundCloud

Coordinal for 3D Printing

A simple tool to create coordinates for cross sections for manipulation in OpenSCAD and eventual 3D printing. To get CoffeeScript working with Paper.js, I added the ability to support multiple Paper.js scripts within the same scope.


Coordinal »

Norton Snap

Norton Snap is a QR code scanner mobile app for iOS and Android that provides safety ratings for URLs. I managed the enigneering team, led the iOS design, and contributed most of the code for the iOS version.

Mobile Sharing App

This app was a prototype for a location-based mobile file sharing app. I used this as an excuse to experiment with Node and Redis.


NFC Rings

These rings allow the wearer to authenticate to an NFC-equipped mobile device by simply picking it up. Authentication can unlock the phone itself or apps running on the phone. I designed the rings with a 3D CAD app to fit the smallest NFC stickers I could source. Smaller NFC tags are now available.


Eat Drink Keep (currently down) is a recipe manager with a focus on cocktails. I created the logo and all the graphics, did the site design, did all the programming, and hosted the site at Heroku. Features include:

  • Public and private menus
  • Comments and user ratings based on a customized version of Ajaxful Rating
  • Full-screen large print view for kitchen use
  • Form-based or free-text parsing option for many recipe formats, quantities, and units


Dallas Semiconductor Laser Engineering Logo

circa 1998

At my first job out of school I was a Laser Engineer. In between writing code to control laser trimming and test setups, I created an internal website for the group. For the logo I started with the Dallas Semiconductor transistor logo and gave it a laser treatment in Photoshop.

3D Designs

These designs were created using Blender for 3D modeling and rendering.

Presentation at Virus Bulletin 2005

Desktop Search: A New Platform For Malware Scanning?

Oliver Schmelzle and I did this study of the potential for using desktop search apps as a platform for malware scanning. I built a malware scanner using Google Desktop Search and we presented our results at the Virus Bulletin conference in Dublin.


Incense and Photoshop…


Designed in Illustrator for use in mobile and web apps

Linux Driver for Datel PC-462

circa 1999

Back in 1999 we wanted to use this Datel data acquisition card/power supply to control some test gear, so I wrote a Linux driver for it, along with a test utility. I released the source code under the BSD license.


Driver462 »